The Payback - James Brown
Grown Man's Business - Mos Def

Godfather Theme - The Professionals
Glaciers of Ice - El Michel's Affair
Landmines Instr - Yes You (burt fox and breez evahflowin)
The Jungle - El Juba (con burt)
La Murga - Willie Colon
McNasty Filth - Jaylib
Apollo Kids - Ghostface
Don't Feel Right - The Roots
Soul Food - Frankie Seay and the Soul Riders
Alcohol Pt 1 - Robert Jay
The Weight - Aretha Franklin
Where Is My Mind - Pixies
Workinonit - JDilla
Whatcha Want (Soul Assasins Rmx) - Beastie Boys
Jump Off Instr - Wu Tang Clan
Bring The Noise - Public Enemy
Sirens - Dizzee Rascal
Death Mix 2 beat - Afrika Baambaata
Planet Rock - Breakout
Planet Rock - Afrika Baambaata
Hey Hey Can You Relate - Mink and 2wice